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Living In Tin was born out of a project to document the National Monuments of the Southwest for RV’ers and campers late summer of 2014.  As we were underfunded to take on a 6 month trip through all of the National Monuments in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah, the idea of creating a subscriber driven site came about, and grew into Living In Tin.

The site is more like an e-Book for those interested in travel destinations that aren’t the “norm.”  Boondocking locations, National Monuments, parks that don’t see many visitors…..those are some of the places we’ll be bringing to you here.  And in addition, regular tutorials on photographing these locations, photo tips, and even tutorials on the editing software we use on the road.

There’s already a lot of content on Living In Tin.  25 articles in total.  Some are short reads, 4-6 minutes long, while others are as long as a 25 minute read.  If you’re interested in full time RV’ing, unique destinations, and learning about capturing images of these destinations, then Living in Tin is absolutely for you!

It is an E-Book

Honestly, Living In Tin is an evolving e-Book.  And readers can use it as a tool when planning their next trip.  We do understand that Internet connections aren’t everywhere, so we wanted to tell you about a few applications you might want to investigate.  See, you CAN treat Living In Tin as an offline accessible E-Book.

Pocket for Android

Pocket for Living in Tin
Pocket turns any website into an e-book easily!

Pocket is a free app for Android and iOS devices that lets you view web pages off line.  That’s right, it’s free and the best part is it works.  We’ve tested it here at Living In Tin, and we’ve been blown away.

Not only does Pocket allow you to download the website, it also allows you to download the website’s content as well.  Images, videos, audio files.  They will all be synced to your mobile device and be ready to view, even if you’re off in the wilderness with no Internet connection whatsoever.

So, let’s say you’re heading out to a great location for night photography (a dark sky area) and you’d like to take along our tutorial on setting up for photographing the Milky Way and editing your images afterward.  Simply go to our article on photographing the night sky, save it to Pocket, and you’ll have it with you for the trip.

Pocket is also available for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), but we weren’t as thrilled with how it worked on our iOS devices.  There are several other offline viewers available for Apple products, and each one costs a few dollars.  We’d suggest reviewing their options and finding the right one for you.  Of course, you could use Pocket as well on your iOS device, it just takes a little learning.

Sign up for a month and have access to everything

You don’t have to be a 6 month or 1 year subscriber here.  If you sign up for a short visit that’s okay too.  Readers have access to every article on the site.  So, for the short time subscribers you’re still allowed to download every article, tutorial, & image that long term subscribers have access to.  If you aren’t interested in keeping up with the month to month updates, that’s all good!  You could still use and offline viewer like pocket to grab every page and tutorial off of the site and have access to them for as long as you want.

Of course, we’re looking to build a longer term subscriber base to help fund the research that goes into each place we visit.  In order to really get into everything there is to know about a destination we spend a good amount of time at the location.  And we’ve got to cover the costs of the travel to bring these longer and more informative articles to life.  So we really appreciate it when new readers sign up for a little longer.

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