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We’re starting November off with an apology.  The month of October found the Airstream firmly planted in Prescott with no trips at all.  We’re very sorry about the lack of articles for the month of October, and all current subscribers will be getting their subscriptions extended for 2 months.

Full time RV’ing doesn’t mean you get to skip out on the standard issues that come up in life.  Often those issues are actually made a little more difficult when you’re moving around.  Sometimes your rig gets parked somewhere longer than you intended because of “life.”  And that’s what happened to us in October.

Appointments and waiting

Playing the waiting game....someone will come along......
Playing the waiting game….someone will come along……

To start the month of October off I had some appointments to keep.  After a disappointing visit to my physician I learned that not only were my old food allergies firmly in place, but a whole new slew of allergies left me in need of some additional testing.  Back in 2006 I was diagnosed with an Eosinophillic disorder.  I was hoping the diagnosis was wrong, and that some day pizza would be in my life again.  Unfortunately we’ll never see another pizza again.

My physician decided in September that a visit to the GI was in order.  Severe reactions to food have really made a mess of my digestion for years, and he wanted a follow up.  So October started out with the waiting game.  See a GI, see an Allergy specialist, etc.  Real life stuff.  And traveling around isn’t possible when you have an appointment in a specific town on a specific day.

Unfortunately after playing the waiting game with the first appointment I learned a few days ahead of time that the GI in question doesn’t take my insurance.  Wish they had checked that out sooner.  So here I am in November, and still no GI appointment.

After the failed appointment attempt the next waiting game started.  My Lenovo laptop died suddenly, and it was now time to wait for an “in home repair” specialist to make an appointment with me.  The Lenovo is used for testing websites for our clients, and it’s a necessary part of our business.  Fortunately it was still in warranty, so using their in home repair was the best option.

Between the GI waiting game, and then the tech issues, more than half of October was literally lost to waiting for appointments.

Clients fund our travel

Most people go into an office or business every day, do their jobs, and come home.  Our full time RV lifestyle is a little different.  We travel to customer locations, we stay at those locations, and we work with them to re-design their Internet presence.  Travel is completely dependent on who wants to work with us, and where they are.  Since September we’ve been on an outreach campaign for October with little success.  While many parks and destinations could really use our services, it’s often hard to get in touch with them.

Often times, RV Parks and Resorts aren’t operated or managed by their owners.  Instead, “work campers,” make up the work force at these parks.  So when we try to contact locations regarding their current websites our inquiries fall to the temporary help.  We’ve done physical mail campaigns, e-mail campaigns, and cold calls.  And 9 times out of 10 we’re reaching the wrong people.  Sadly, with the amount of junk mail and e-mail out there, our message doesn’t make it to the right people.

So October was also a month with 0 new clients on our books.  It’s hard to justify running around when you have a month without income.  Combined with all of our appointment wait time, October became a lost month for Living in Tin.

The Promise of November

Get back on the road! Move along now, nothing to see here.
Get back on the road! Move along now, nothing to see here.

Happily, we’re now into a new month.  And it’s starting off with more going on here at Living in Tin.  Next week I’ll be attending the conference in Nevada.  Outside of Vegas, but not right in Vegas.  The conference will be covering one of our favorite developer themes out there.  The X Theme.

The trip won’t involve the Airstream.  It will remain parked in Prescott.  But it’s a trip all the same, and should be quite interesting.  When it’s wrapped up we’ll be doing a story here on working remote, and how that plays into the full time lifestyle.

We’re also still looking at new clients in warmer areas for the winter season.  With the snow flying in Prescott already, it really is time to move the Airstream somewhere warmer!  And when we move, you can be sure more travel articles will be forthcoming.

So keep a watch here at Living In Tin.  And once again, our sincere apologies for a quiet month.

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