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A little over a year ago Living In Tin was launched after our failed attempt at a Kickstarter Fundraiser to help fund the creation of a book and E-Book on the National Monuments of the Southwest for RV’ers.  To this day, there’s still no comprehensive book out there on the National Monuments of the Southwest for RV’ers.

The Evolution of Living In Tin

Subscription Airstream Blog

Initially Living in Tin was going to cover the National Monuments of the Southwest.  Our goal was to visit 2 monuments per month.  Unfortunately, with the reality of work, we couldn’t always get to multiple National Monuments each month.  So over the course of the first few months the goals changed a little.  We’re still working on the whole list of monuments in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, & New Mexico, but it’s taking a little longer.

Fortunately we always have other topics to cover.  Photography on the road, editing, other great locations for RV’ers.  We honestly have plenty of topics to share.

In total, there are 52 articles on Living in Tin.  That’s well beyond the goal of what we wanted when we started.  My original plan for the online “e-zine” was 2 articles per month.  Instead we’ve added complimentary articles, information from previous exploration, tutorials, and more.  And while we’re continuing to update Living in Tin, you’ve probably noticed we haven’t been pushing subscriptions hard.

What’s Coming up?

The bulk of our Summer months were spent working with RV Resort Website clients.  That precluded a lot of interesting travel and replaced it with work travel.  We’ve got some down time now, so some interesting plans are in place for the start of October.  The Airstream will be directed to a favorite area, and Living In Tin will be seeing some more activity and images.  The upcoming trip?

The Vermillion Cliffs and the Grand Staircase areas.  These are some of our favorite areas to take the Airstream, and we’ll be updating information while we’re there.  So expect a few new articles in the coming weeks.  While we’ve featured both areas already on the site, there’s still more to cover.  The Grand Staircase is a massive National Monument.  We’ve only explored about 1/3rd of the area.  And the Vermillion Cliffs is also massive.  In our travels we’ve seen about 50% of everything there is to see.  So with luck, we’ll cover some more amazing scenes in October.


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