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Living in Tin hasn’t been forgotten for the start of 2016.  In fact, we’ve been working on a new piece for January of 2016 regarding over wintering in your RV.  In addition another article is in the hopper as well for January.  It’s always about when the travel takes place, and what we’re working on that month!

snowstreamCurrently the Airstream can be found in Prescott, Arizona.  We’re sorry to report that it’s a little chilly here.  Actually, I’ve been comparing temperatures in New England to the temperatures we’ve seen here.  Snow, rain, freezing rain……over the holidays we saw it all.  With all that in mind, I’m happy to report that the Airstream will be heading south next week to help our current clients with a few enhancements on their online presence.

A big part of being able to travel in our case has to do with our business and clients.  We own RLC Design Services, a small online agency catering to businesses in the travel market.  When we work with a new client we travel to their location.  We learn about their business, and then we craft an online presence to help our customers reach new customers of their own.

Between clients we pop back up to Prescott.  We’ve got a permanent space up here.  Even when you live in an RV, you’ve got to call somewhere home.  Storage units, mail, business address… need them all.  And we’ll be talking more about that this month!





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