Lightroom for the Road – Part 3

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From Bisbee Arizona

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In our final installment of the Lightroom series we talk about some higher end work you can do with Adobe Photoshop’s Lightroom.  From doing bulk editing to removing noise from your images, and finally using external editing programs in conjunction with Lightroom.

As we are preparing to visit our next National Monuments for the month of February, we’ll be working up a few videos on shooting on location, and working with Lightroom after the shoot.  With this final installment in the Lightroom series, readers should be fairly up to speed on the process we use here at Living In Tin.  So going forward with our next travel updates, the videos included will assume you’ve gone through this 3 part series on how we use Lightroom.

As always, be sure to set your YouTube viewing preferences to HD in order to see the best quality on these videos!

Lesson 6 – Bulk Edits and noise reduction

Lesson 7 – External Editing



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