A week of boondocking

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Back on the road with a mission to visit boondocking sites in the southwest.

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7 days ago the Airstream pulled out of Prescott, Arizona.  After several months in the area working with web and database clients we’re back to working on Living In Tin.  Excellent timing given the temperatures have been dropping, and staying at 6000 feet above sea level leads to even cooler temperatures.

So, how much can you really see in a week?  Plenty.  And in this post we’ll talk about where the Airstream has been.

RE-Visiting Vulture Peak

Boondocking at Vulture
Re-visiting a favorite boondocking site in Arizona.

Months ago we posted a story on dry camping at Vulture Peak, right outside of Wickenburg.  After departing Prescott a quick visit to Phoenix was in order, so what better place to park for a few nights then Vulture Peak.

Interestingly enough, the same site that we used in the Spring of 2014 was open once again so the Airstream was happily parked in what is one of the nicest dispersed sites available at Vulture.  Several Class A Motorhomes and a few 5th Wheels were staying in the area as well.

Once again, Vulture proved to be an excellent boondocking site, located only a few miles out of Wickenburg proper.

Quartzsite in the off season

Boondocking in Quartzsite
Boondocking in Quartzsite

After finishing up business in the Phoenix area, the next stop on the boondock trail was Quartzsite, AZ.  Having stayed in Quartzsite multiple times over the years for an overnight stop over, checking out what the LTVA system was really all about was on schedule for Living In Tin.

Unfortunately, Quartzsite’s appeal to the RV community fell short in the off season.  The Gem and Mineral show coming up in January will be busy once again, and a huge community of RV’ers will setup camp for some time.  But in the off season we found there’s very little honest attraction to Quartzsite.  Sorry to say that, but beyond an extremely cheap place to park your RV for 6 months, the town offers little else.

Imperial Dam LTVA

The Imperial Dam LTVA
Imperial Dam is well worth a visit, and a longer stay!

The next leg of our journey has landed our RV in another LTVA, Imperial Dam.  The dispersed camping at Imperial Dam is similar to that of Quartzsite, but with a few differences.

  1. There is no constant highway noise to be heard at Imperial Dam.
  2. The location is set away from any major town setting.
  3. The Colorado River passes through the area, and it’s a very scenic location.
  4. The makeshift structures prevalent in Quartzsite attached to long term RV’s are no where to be found at Imperial Dam.
  5. The feel at the Imperial Dam LTVA is that of true boondocking, and not a flea market / side show scene like Quartzsite.


A full article on the Imperial Dam LTVA will be forthcoming on this site soon, and it will be a very different take on LTVA’s compared to the Quartzsite experience.  Happily, the experience at Imperial Dam feels like a real getaway to a scenic location that is a destination in itself!

7 Days without tethers

Boondocking sunset
A lovely sunset at one of our boondock sites

So here we are on day 7 of this boondocking trip.  Tanks were drained / refilled (depending on the tank type) on Sunday.  24 hours into refilling the fresh water tank and the Airstream is standing at about 4/5ths full.  The generator hasn’t been run in a while, and the laptop is getting it’s charge through an inverter (check out our Boondocking 101 for more information).

I’d say the only big complaint that’s cropped up is our dependence on the microwave.  Breaking out the “big generator” just to run the microwave doesn’t make sense.  So several pre-packed meals take longer to make, what of it?  And with a quick ride into Yuma we’ve resupplied keeping in mind that we’re working with the propane stove more (which heats the Airstream right up on chilly evenings which is a bonus of cooking with the stove).

Given the fact that Imperial Dam is a really scenic and interesting location, it looks like we’ll remain parked here for a few more days.  From this location we’ll be setting our sites on Organ Pipe National Monument and Sonoran Desert National Monument as well.

With this short update post wrapped up, the Living In Tin team is off to photograph the Colorado River, and some of the interesting scenery we currently find ourselves in!