2015 Photographic Year In Review

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It’s that time of year again.  Another year in review for Living In Tin.  From January through August of 2015 the Airstream was very active.  Visiting a few National Monuments, visiting client locations, and running out to Colorado once again.  After August things slowed down on the travel front, but we were kept busy with clients, doctors, and freezing temperatures early into the season.

Looking through this year’s images takes me back to each trip, job, and even takes me back to our down time.

VLA, the very large array

The start of 2015

February of 2015 found the Airstream on the road.  Southern Arizona and New Mexico.  Getting away from the cold winter temperatures is one positive aspect of RV Travel.  You can relocate to warmer climates when the wind is blowing and the snow is falling!

Living In Tin took a trip to White Sands National Monument, and to Organ Pipe as well.  Two National Monuments on our check list of monuments of the southwest.  While we didn’t find the truly warm temperatures we were seeking, we did find warmer temperatures than most of the country!

March & April of 2015

March found the Living in Tin crew back in Prescott Arizona.  A little client work in town, and chilly temperatures still prevailing.  Very little “fun” photography was shot in March.  It was all about business here.

Fortunately, April brought a little more travel.  Chiricahua National Monument, New Mexico, & Airzona.  Several weeks were spent in New Mexico and Arizona visiting both sides of Chiricahua National Monument.  Some of our time was also spent pitching potential new clients, but sadly we didn’t find any takers……

May Through August – The Work Months

After the Chiricahua trip the Airstream returned to Prescott once again.  We use Prescott as our home base.  When we’re between trips and clients, we have a site that we keep throughout the year at Point of Rocks RV Park.  As full timers, you still need a place to call home officially.  Point of Rocks is that place for us.

In May, Point of Rocks played host to a yearly Airstream Rally.  And while visiting with the attendees we met our next client.  From late May through August of 2015 we were wrapped up with creating a new online presence for McGavin Holdings.  6 RV Resort websites in total.  Of course, 3 of the resorts are located in Arizona, and the Airstream could be found in Southern Arizona right as things started heating up!

The end of the year doldrums

After several extremely busy months of working with clients, we found ourselves in the doldrums.  Little to do, and budgeting to make it through a few lean months.  Sometimes this is part of a small business life cycle.  There were of course other things to entertain ourselves with.  In September a routine visit to my physician led me on a fun adventure in allergies.  The auto immune disorder I was diagnosed with back in 06′ has unfortunately gotten worse, leaving me with some major dietary adjustments.

Interestingly enough, the radical food changes that I’ve been adjusting to these last few months have yielded a positive change.  I’m back in my normal weight range, and still dropping.  So hey, the accidental diet!  I’ll be starting out 2016 with my goal weight achieved and then some!

Since we keep our spot at Point of Rocks year round we’ve curtailed travel until the next round of client work appears on the horizon.  Paying for a site you’re not using makes little sense unless you’re out generating revenue!  Fortunately, we’ve had other photographic opportunities over the last few months………


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