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On the heels of a valiant attempt to create a guide to the National Monuments of the Southwest for RV enthusiasts, campers, and tourists visiting the region, a new site is born.  Welcome to Living in Tin!

It’s been over seven years since I personally began photographing all of the wonder that is the American Southwest.  As a “Full Time RV’er,” I’ve been able to travel to destinations others can only dream of.  Alien landscapes, the longest slot canyon in the world, desert sand dunes glowing in the afternoon sun.  A lot has been seen.  There’s more to see still.  And that’s why this new site was created.

In August of 2014 a crazy little Kickstater Project was created, but it didn’t meet its funding goal.  The idea was to get enough support to visit all of the National Monuments of the Southwest (44 in total) to create the first ever Guidebook to the National Monuments of the Southwest.  You see, the truly amazing stuff isn’t seen from a tour bus, a train ride across the desert, or hanging off of a railing holding on for dear life after other tourists nearly flipped you into the Grand Canyon.  No, not at all.

The truly amazing stuff is always something you have to work a little harder for.  And a fair number of National Monuments in the Southwest offer locations that make you work just a little harder to see.  They also offer something that many of the National parks don’t.  Solitude.

Our attempt to create the first true guidebook to the National Monuments inspired something bigger.  You start out with an idea, and the idea grows.  Even if the initial attempt got sidetracked, it did so for a reason.  Something better was waiting to develop.  And in the case of our vision for a guide to the amazing places in the Southwest, something better is here.

Alone at 8800 feet
Alone at 8800 feet

Living in Tin

Since 2006 a 25 foot Airstream Safari has been home.  Full Time Airstream Living.  Yeah, it’s home alright.  And one of the really amazing things about this type of home…. You never know what you’ll see when you open your door.  One day you could stare out over a sea of granite in Arizona.  The next day you could be parked on a sandy beach in Utah.  Or you could find yourself with a flat tire off in the breakdown lane of I-40.  In each case, you’re home.

For nearly 8 years I’ve been Living In Tin.  And it’s been documented over at our sister site, The Airstream Chronicles Continued.  And that site will continue to document the day to day for the foreseeable future.  This new site has a whole different purpose.

In the coming weeks, months, and years, Living In Tin will create “In Depth” articles on Full Time RV Living, amazing places to see, incredible places to camp, and locations that will breathe life back into your soul just when you need it.  This site won’t be filled with daily updates, what we ate for breakfast, or whether or not Vegan Potato Salad really works.  Instead this site will document trip reports, guides to locations you may have never heard of, and a deeper articles on full time RV living.

I'm glad nobody goes to the North Rim
I’m glad nobody goes to the North Rim

Adjusting to the new media paradigm

As we make our way along the infancy of the 21st century a lot has changed.  How we get our information has changed dramatically.  Gone are the days of dad heading into the bathroom with the morning paper.  Dad heads in with his iPad now, and it takes even longer for him to come out!  Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest of the information deluge hits us every day.  But we’re not going to add to that onslaught.  The daily stuff can be found at our sister site.

Living in Tin will be a “limited engagement” website.  Updates will come, but they won’t be part of the 24 hour media frenzy.  The articles here will be thought out, allowed to season, and finally they’ll hit the front page here.  What you’ll find here will be guides for your next getaway from everything, tutorials on getting better photos to bring home from your trips, and stories about places you’ll not only want to go to, but places that you’ll obsess over after seeing what you’ve missed.

This site is what they refer to as a “Premium Site.”  The articles written here will be sizable, and they’ll take some time to digest.  And many of the articles will require a subscription.  Dramatic professional photography, guides to places you never knew about, full chapters of the book that inspired this site…..  That and so much more will be added.  And we’d like you along for the journey.

What you won’t find here are advertisements.  The layout of the site was selected specifically to tell stories, guide travelers, and share amazing images.  This site has been crafted for readability and to keep your attention focused for more than a few moments.  There will be no sound bites here.  Yes, there will be free articles for the casual readers, but the lengthy stuff takes time and effort.  And that’s where the “Premium” comes in.  We’ve created several subscription levels for readers to give us a try.  And we’ll be making every effort to ensure that once you’ve stopped in here you’ll want to come back again and again.

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