The winding road that is Full Time RV’ing

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The Superstition Mountains

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First off, apologies for the delay this month getting any articles up here.  The delays were caused by the many twists and turns that involve working from the road and living full time in an RV.  You never know what life is going to throw at you, and the past few weeks are a perfect example of that.

So for today’s article, we’re going to talk about the strange path that we’ve been following here at Living In Tin.

Being Social Has Value

Weeks ago there was an Airstream WBCCI rally at Point of Rocks in Prescott, Arizona.  Unfortunately for the attendees the weather wasn’t the best at all for a rally.  A weekend of rain and cold temperatures greeted the Airstreamers, and there was little outdoor activity for the group the entire weekend.

Airstream Rally
It got sunny the day the rally ended. Isn’t that always the way?

The night of their arrival I took a walk from our site to go see all the shiny Airstreams, and to say hi to their owners.  I always like to say hi to new neighbors.  It’s a big part of the RV lifestyle, socializing with fellow travelers and full timers.

While I chatted with a few members of the group one paid particularly close attention when I was asked what we do for work while full timing.  Website design and overhaul for businesses, especially for RV Parks.  The woman who had been paying close attention immediately said to me, “I need to give you my business card…..”  She raced into her Airstream and came out a moment later with it.  Then she said, “I need your card too……”

We took a walk through the drizzle back to my Airstream to get her a card.  It was chilly, and with all the wet it didn’t feel like your usual Arizona day.  As we walked Nancy explained to me that she worked for a chain of RV Resorts, and they had just been discussing their need to update their sites.  There was the “ah ha” moment.

Nancy spent a little time at our Airstream, and I explained and showed her what we do.  She was impressed, and promised to get in touch after she returned home from the rally.  And you know what?  She did get in touch the next Tuesday!

Airstreams at Sundance
Our Airstream and Nancy’s Airstream at Sundance 1 RV Resort.

A big part of full time RV’ing involves meeting new people and making new friends.  Over the years I’ve met many interesting and amazing people.  If you’re an introvert I can promise you that you’re missing out on one of the factors that plays into enjoying the full time lifestyle!  Meeting new people is part of what I like a lot about full time living.

At my old home in New Hampshire I had Dennis & Marge on one side.  I had Frank and Linda on the other side.  And I had Eric & Erica on the other side of the road.  The houses were well spread out.  And there wasn’t a lot of opportunity to meet new people, as new people weren’t pulling in and out of my driveway….well, except for those kids I caught drinking in my driveway one night.  The point is simple, you meet far more people on the road than you do staying in one place.

Over the course of my travels I have met:  A Microsoft executive and his wife who was an executive for Trek bicycles,  I have met retired military members, doctors, lawyers, yoga instructors, traveling nurses, artists, cartoonists, retired people, people who aren’t retired, full timers, part timers, traveling families, average Joe’s to multimillionaires.  My point is simple, I’ve heard so many stories, and I continue getting to hear new ones every day.

And in the case of my random meeting with Nancy….?  It’s launched our busiest months we’ve had in a while.  We were invited by her company to re-do 7 websites for them over the course of the next two months, and that’s what has kept our attention away from this site.

Park Model Homes at Sundance
Park Model Homes at Sundance, the first park we worked on last week.

New Faces Just Keep Popping Up

Our first week we met many new people while working at the first park on Nancy’s list.  We stayed at an RV Resort in Casa Grande, AZ.  There weren’t many people there given the season.  It’s getting to hot in Southern Arizona, and it is time for most folks to head north.  Even so, there were still several full time residents in the park.  More interesting though, there were temporary travelers popping through as well.

One couple that pulled in next to us were Jim & Peg.  And it turned out that they are the creators of  As we visited with them for their first night in Casa Grande they asked us a quick question.  Would we mind being interviewed for their online show about how full time RV’ers can make a living on the road.

We said yes to their question, and we’ve already seen the final result online.  It turned out really nice.  So even though it was 103-106 degrees in the park we were staying at, we still managed to socialize as the sun went down each day, and met another cool couple doing what they do on the road.

If you’re considering full timing, remember, it’s a social thing as well as a travel thing.  And that’s fine by us.

Another Full Time RV
Another Full Time RV

Life Is a Series Ups and downs, and plenty of Curves

While we toiled away at the first park on our list we also met a very interesting guy named George.  George was one of the park owners and partners.  And he owns a set of parks, not just the one we were working at.  Jodi & I both enjoyed talking with George immediately.  Our first meeting he was straight to the point, “How will this affect my bottom line?”

I appreciate people who are serious about what they do, and about succeeding at what they do.  George was one of those people.  We had several conversations throughout the week beyond the work we were doing for him.  We talked about the Appalachian Trail, New England, Florida, and everywhere else I’ve been.  George pointed out that they owned several parks in Florida as well, and that we’d have to work on them too.  All good by me.  He even told us that he would be talking to other park owners he knew to tell them about what we do, and why we’re the right people to do it.

I really appreciated that.  A straightforward non-nonsense guy.  And he’s a guy that we’ll miss even after knowing him only for a week.

This morning we were told that George passed away yesterday at 65 years of age.  Jodi and I were both stunned.  Apparently it was a sudden heart attack.  I couldn’t believe it.  Our last conversation was this past Monday.  And here we are on Sunday learning that he’s gone.

The road, and for that matter life, has a lot of twists and turns.  People come into you life, and they go out of it.  And if you’re lucky, many of those you meet will become friends.  And maybe a few will become very good friends.

We met George and Nancy due to a random conversation between Airstreamers.  And we’ve met so many other great people due to traveling with our RV.  I’ve got a whole list of friends that I stay in touch with across the country.  And while I only knew George for a week, he was definitely my kind of people.

So now you know why our attention has been away from Living In Tin.  Work, travel, meeting new people, and having to say goodbye to some.  This is our full time RV life, and this is one page on one day about it.

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