Living In Tin’s 2014 Photo Review

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Kansas Windmill

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2014 has been an extremely busy year for Living in Tin.  Yes, we only launched the website a few short months ago, but since the start of 2014 we’d been looking to create a new kind of publication called “Living in Tin.”  Finally creating and launching this site a few short months ago has been fantastic, and we’re looking forward to sharing so much more in 2015!

The Airstream has seen a lot of mileage over the course of 2014, and many images have been captured while traveling and working with clients across the country.  In this post we’ll be sharing several galleries of images from the year.

Starting off 2014 Right

January and February of 2014 found the Airstream rolling between Arizona and Califorina a lot.  As we searched for new web design clients we roamed between the two states to meet with potential clients, catch up with friends, and try to find the warm spots in the Southwest!  Prescott, Borrego Springs, Lake Havasu, Kingman, and a few other random stops made up the Airstream travel for the first few months of the year!

Outside of Phoenix for a few months

March and April found the Airstream on the outskirts of Phoenix.  For two months we were busy doing a commercial project for Aesthetic Dentistry of Scottsdale.  Living In Tin was living in Black Canyon City.  Warmer temperatures at a lower elevation meant enjoying the “RV Resort” we stayed at.  Hot tubs, a swimming pool, and comfortable temperatures until the end of April when things really started heating up!  When we’re working with clients we usually don’t boondock.  Internet, power for the computers, recharging batteries, etc.  It’s often more convenient to find a location near our clients that offers full hookups.

 May through July

After wrapping up in Scottsdale the Airstream was pointed north.  Two weeks in Prescott, then two weeks in Cortez working with another RV Park client.   We’d already lined up a client on the East Coast as well, so once our work was completed in Colorado we pushed across the country all the way to Massachusetts.

Two months were spent on the scenic Manchaug Pond at the Old Holbrook Place campground.  It was quite a change of pace after so many years living in the desert southwest!  There was even a visit to the ocean (I hadn’t seen the ocean since 2006).

 August and September

The bulk of August found the Airstream parked near Dahlonega, GA.  For several weeks we endured heat and humidity in the southeast.  Thunder storms, giant yellow jackets, feeling soaked to the bone….ah yes, memories of living in the south.  Our stop in Georgia was not for recreation, rather we were there to work with a very unique business, “Hiker Hostel.”  Thousands of people every year start their Appalachian Trail experience at the Hiker Hostel, and we were there to update their web presence!

After Georgia the Airstream made it’s way back to Colorado once more for a few weeks of rest in a favorite location, and to begin working on “The RV’ers Guide to the National Monuments of the Southwest.”  That was the project that led to launching this website!

October and November

After failing to get all of the funds necessary to work on the National Monuments project, we were contacted by a potential client back in Prescott, AZ.  North-Aire Flight School was looking to do a major web overhaul, launch heavily on social media, and create some back end features to their website.  The Airstream was hooked up and we waved goodbye to Cortez, and headed back to Prescott to land a new contract.

Almost 2 months were spent working with the flight school, so most of our photographic work during the period was for the client.  Of course, a few pretty sunsets were shot here and there as well!


With work wrapped up in December the Airstream hit the road for almost 2 weeks of boondocking.  Vulture Peak was revisited, several days were spent in Quartzsite, several more at Imperial Dam, and finally some time was taken to visit Organ Pipe National Monument.  A great short trip right before Christmas!

With the holidays happening the Airstream was turned back to Prescott for a short stay to enjoy the season with friends!

What’s coming in 2015?  Your guess is as good as ours.  White Sands New Mexico?  More Arizona National Monuments?  Continued boondocking?  Probably all of those things and more!  So stay tuned and we’ll see you next year!