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Road trips come in all shapes and sizes.  There are the quick trips to visit relatives in the next state over.  There are the business road trips that I’m all to familiar with….6 weeks of bouncing from one city to the next.  And then there are the road trips that stay with us forever.  You know, the ones that are just for fun?

Here at Living In Tin, our primary goals are to document full time RV’ing, road trips, and the National Monuments of the Southwest.  We’re also all about sharing photography tips, and taking a peek into the lives of full time RV’ers.  But there’s something else we’re into as well…….

Having fun road trips just because!

For the past few months we’ve been diverted from the truly fun stuff.  Working with RV Park clients from Arizona to Florida.  And the road trips that our Airstream has taken recently weren’t necessarily all about fun, they were the business types.  But with a few days to spare we’ve set out again to a favorite location, and we’re taking you along.

Montezuma County Fair
Montezuma County Fair

Cortez is more than Mesa Verde

Once again our Airstream is parked in Cortez Colorado.  We’ve written a good bit about Hovenweep and The Canyon of the Ancients.  But for this trip it isn’t about the national monuments.  It’s about enjoying a little play time.  And right now, Cortez is the place to be for play time!

The summer of 2006 I passed through Cortez on my way to Tampa Florida for some medical tests.  And the day I left was the day that the annual Balloon Festival started that year.  Balloons filled the sky making their way toward the Rockies.  And I had a schedule to keep and couldn’t stay one extra day.  But ever since I saw the spectacle I have always wanted to return to see the Balloon Rally for myself.  And look, it only took 9 years…..

In addition to the balloon rally, Cortez is also hosting the Montezuma County Fair.  Carnival rides, 4H displays, crash up derbies…..Everything that makes for a fun weekend visit.  While the county fairs in the west seem to be smaller in size than some of the ones I’ve attended on the East Coast, they’re still a great place for family fun for a day or two.

Putting the events together, there’s plenty to do and see for a quick weekend getaway.  And with a little time to spare, you can also visit Mesa Verde, Hovenweep, The Canyon of the Ancients, and many more cool spots in Southwest Colorado.

Trip Update – August 3rd

Unfortunately it seems that we did not pay the proper respect to the weather.  From Friday through Sunday there were severe thunderstorms which really put a damper on our outing.  The balloons did not fly, and there was a fair amount of muddy spots at the county fair.  Fortunately, there’s always next year, and another reason to take a trip just for fun!

Our trip isn’t complete, so be sure to check in as we will be doing a write up on an unexpected location!



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