An Airstream Edit From Chiricahua

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Dust Storm Streaming

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While staying on the Eastern side of the Coronado National Forest we were treated to a wind storm and sand storm that would blow your mind.  During one of the lulls in the storm I decided to venture out with my camera and get a few photos of the incredibly dramatic sky……

Unfortunately two things went wrong.  First, the lull didn’t last that long, and I found myself being sandblasted the whole time I was out.  The second issue had to do with the actual shooting.  I did not bring my tripod, I was shooting in blasting wind, and the scene didn’t come out as I saw it at all.

After looking through the disappointing series I decided to do a quick little edit with Lightroom only and see what I could pull out.

The video below walks you through how I went from drab and dull, to an actual image that I don’t mind showing.  And don’t forget to check back in next week, we’ll be posting two new articles from our Chiricahua trip, and anyone wanting to visit the area will find both articles interesting, especially if you’re in an RV.


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